2300 Silverleaf Cv..  Round Rock, TX 78664                                    Dimitri@DyNet.com                                                                                            (512)922-0930


WORK EXPERIENCE:                                                                                                                             


Home office and house-visits

                Private Tutor (August 2005 – Present)

·         Private tutor for Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calculus I & II, Discrete Math, Analysis, Abstract Algebra, C++, UNIX, etc

Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

Mathematics Department

                Undergraduate Instructional Assistant (August 2005 – Present)

·         Calculus and Pre-Calculus lab instructor

·         Furnish lesson plans for class.  Write and grade quizzes

·         Classroom management (professor not present)

Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC)

                Mathematics and Computer Science Lab Tutor/Counselor (December 2004 – Present)

·         Counseling students on academic subjects by furnishing information, helping solve problems, offering support, suggesting study tips and strategies, and making referrals when appropriate

·         Diagnosing students' specific problem areas and degree of need

·         Being familiar with many study skills (notetaking, time management, test taking skills, etc.)

·         Acting as a good motivator

The Southwestern Company, Nashville, TN

Direct Sales Company of Educational Products since 1868

                Student Manager (January 2003 – August 2004)

·         Recruited, trained, managed, and motivated first-year salespersons, age 18-25, for direct sales

·         Developed managerial and public speaking skills through 100 additional hours of training

·         Assisted in organization of weekly sales meetings and individual conferences on the selling field

·         Maintained excellence and improvement in personal sales while managing sales organization

·         36% increase in sales over previous summer

·         Relocated to Alabama for summer

First Year Salesperson (May 2003 – August 2003)

·         Mastered diverse communication skills through over 2100 sales presentations in families’ homes

·         Established success principles (i.e. schedule, positive attitude, motivation, goal setting)        

·         Executed all ordering, inventory, sales, accounting, scheduling, and delivery of products

·         Improved productivity while still maintaining consistent 86-hour work-weeks.

·         Relocated to Kentucky for summer

Champaign Central High School, Champaign, IL

Assistant Band Director  - Percussion (August 2000 – December 2000, August 2002 – December 2002)

·         Established lesson plans, organized & led rehearsals for marching band percussion

·         Composed percussion scores


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS:                                                                                                

Texas State University, San Marcos, TX. 

                BSA Mathematics/Computer Science Education

                Undergraduate Grade Point Average: 3.60 — Graduation: December 2006

                Texas Teacher’s Certification – Completion upon graduation

McNeil High School, Round Rock, TX. 

                Part of observation requisite for education certification

                Studying high school math education


HONORS AND AWARDS                                                                                                                        

          Texas State University

Dean’s List – Fall 2004, Spring 2005, Fall 2005

          Southwestern Company

Top First Year Dealer (top 5% of over 1,800) – 2003

Superstar Sample Case Award (performed over 180 presentations per week) – 2003

I Wanna Win Award (best week in sales is one of last two weeks on the field) – 2003

          Central High School

#1 Percussion Danville Invitational Marching Band Competition - 2000


OTHER EXPERIENCE:                                                                                                                            

          Computer Science (1988 – present)

          Personal and Academic

·   C/C++   LISP    PYTHON    OPENGL    ASSEMBLY (80x86, Z80)   SH    PERL    RENDERMAN

·   QMTEST   WIN32   POSIX    DOS    ATARI   TI-83   CAVE

Operating Systems:

·   Honors thesis on operating system design and comparisons.

·   Development on Flexible Microkernel Infrastructure Operating System (FMI/OS) open source project.

3-D Virtual Reality development in the CAVE environment:

·   User interface based off of interpretation of 3-D real-space user location

·   Use of 3-D and movement cues for better user immersion/enjoyment.

·   Cross-platform and multi-system shared memory handling.

Scientific Visualization techniques including: Slice Planes ♦ Isosurfaces ♦ Molecular Binding

Photorealistic 3-D Graphical Creations using shaders written in the RenderMan environment.

Organized software development team

·   Set goals/deadlines, established plan, delegated tasks

Arts(1990 – present)

          Personal, Academic, and Professional

Performance in group and solo scenarios: wind, percussion, piano

Taught percussion for Central High School, fall 2000 and 2002

Composition of numerous personal pieces engulfing multiple genres

Numerous Acting roles including Once Upon a Mattress, Ondine, and Burlesque Without Borders

Other Leadership


Boy Scouts:

·   Troop President, Secretary, Treasurer, Quartermaster

·   Seniority responsibilities in teaching and leading younger scouts on high-adventure trips

·   Experience in First Aid, Wilderness Survival, CPR, Aquatic Lifesaving, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Sailing