Plastics: their uses, impacts, and alternatives.

Plastic Society

What is Plastic?


The first man-made plastic was parkesine which was derived from cellulose and was invented by Alexander Parkes in the 1860s.


This sparked the plastics era.† Many different types of plastics were discovered for many different uses.† From celluloid to, replace ivory, to PVC and Rayon; all before the 1900s.† The 20th century brought such innovations as cellophane, polyethylene, saran wrap, styrofoam, vinyl and nylon.


Chemical Structure

Plastic is a polymer. Every plastic has a hydrocarbon backbone that is attached to various elements that gives the plastic its chemical identity, whether is rayon, Teflon, saran, etc.



Plastic is used in nearly every aspect of peoplesí everyday lives.† Here is just a brief list of possibilities:

 Toiletries & Utensils

 Hunting and fishing products



 Aid-of-living products for Seniors



 Space program

 Entertainment Industry

Plastics are used everywhere