Da Meat

Ambient and dance rhythms and melodies brought to you through the art of beatboxing, singing, and piano.

Powered by FreeWheeling(free), a real-time looper software running on my Gentoo-platformed (free), old-school Sony VAIO ($350 through craigslist.com). Audio connections managed by Jack and effects rack through Jack-Rack with effects plugins from http://plugin.org.uk/ (all free). MIDI control comes from a Yamaha PSR-540 keyboard (graduation present, ~$390 nowadays) with an M-Audio MIDISport UNO for the MIDI-USB bridge ($45).

Keep in mind that there are better ways to establish this set-up, but I'm a poor, budgeted college student with limited resources and I make-do with that I've got!

To see a great example of a very successful set-up, as well as just an AMAZING musician, and one of my mentors, check out Kid Beyond!

Okayokay, so I finally added a few songs becuase I'm sure people out there are dying to hear SOMETHING!
Just be sure to keep in mind that these are just rough sketches that I threw together playing with effects and different music ideas. These are by no means done or mastered. But at least they're something, eh?

---Reflect - something I wrote after a breakup. Bellowing and such. My first play with the effects.
---live36 (aka "Summer" possibly?) - summer has begun and I had to get back into music! This is what becomes of it.
---live17 (aka "HookupSong" or "Supermarket Strut") - I have three different incantations of this, one of them including beatbox and accordian. Either way, I like the groove and think it has potential.

More music coming, please be patient... ;)

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Copyright © 2006 By Dimitri Hammond

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