Dimitri's Cameos!

Acting is a hobby. I love the stage and do so whenever I can. Here you will find more information about what I have been in thus far, what I am in now, and what I would be suitable for in the future.



Techies TV Show!

I am the mystical Alberic Thompson (Eric). Be sure to check out the website and log on to the message board where you can talk to cast and crew! Wish us luck as the pilot goes to the networks soon for pitching!

ChemLab videos!
I am Director, Director of Casting, and Director of Photography for a series of Chemimstry Lab videos that will be used in classrooms to humurously and effectively teach the students about the lab they are about to perform. Be sure to keep posted as we post video clips!

On Stage:
Prince Dauntless, Once Upon A Mattress, 2004
Johnny Rotten, Lipstick Traces, 2005
Fisherman, Ondine, 2005

Behind Stage:
Costume assistant, Great Escape, 48 hour film festival, Bat Squad, Austin, TX, 2004

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