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Right now I am working on my education certification at Texas State University with a major in Math and minor in Computer Science. In Spring of 2006 I conducted my observation and field study at McNeil High School. In Fall of 2006 I student taught for Running Brushy Middle School.
Herein you will find some goodies and tips that I have gathered along the way through my education studies. This list is limited at the moment, but it will continue to grow so be sure to check back often!

My Work:

-- WebQuest on the Romantic Age. This is an excellent assignment geared towards High School students starting a history or literature lesson on the Romantic Age.

-- An Idea for my Welcome To School Powerpoint. - this is an idea for what my welcome-to-school powerpoint/website will look like for introducing students and teachers to my hypothetical math class.

-- Math & Money (Budgeting/Investing) lesson: Print Resources synopsis. - a synopsis on five printed resources that could be used for a possible budgeting/investing math lesson.

Algebra & Geometry:

Mr Bledsoe's Webpage An Excellent resource courtesy of Justin Bledsoe, one of the math teachers that I observe. Be sure to check out his Calendars because they're chock-full of notes and worksheets!


Nothing here, yet.

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