Your Assignment: Once you've gathered the information, you must write an underground pamphlet bringing forth a call-to-arms  for people of all skills to meet at a certain time and place to begin organizing the revolt.

        The pamphlet is basically a persuasive essay on why to start a revolt.  You will use examples from the Romantic Period to support your argument for why it's possible.  You will state how the motives and situations of the past compare with those of today.  You will also use examples gathered from your studies on the period on different ways to revolt.

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Napolean Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David

Start a Revolution!

Studies of the Romantic Age.


Situation: World War III has broken out.  For the past four years, instead of being in high school, you have been working in a factory.  You feel oppressed, uneducated, and just all-around pissed off.  You have some fear and apprehension towards your 18th birthday because you know the draft will most likely send you (men and women) into the battlefield.


Your Quest: You want to start a nonviolent revolution and fight your oppression.  You've heard of it being done before in the past but you're not sure when or how.  All communication over the internet has been censored and filtered so that only pro-war and pro-patriotism sites are accessible.   Historical documents and studies on the internet are also sporadically available so that the people will not entirely lose their history and culture.  However, these sites are few and far between and very hard to find, especially since all search engines have either been radically restricted or shut down altogether.  One of your coworkers was telling you about a journalist who's been trying to educate the masses on how people in the Romantic Period managed their revolutions.  Through one of his online articles he was able to hide his collection of links to pages about the pertinent people of the period, the reasons they revolted, and the ways they revolted.  You've found the newsletter, now you must find the links.