Short Biography of Lidice Chuc

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I was born in beautiful Monterrey, Mexico 22 years ago. For those out there who don't know where Monterrey is; it is in north east Mexico and it's population is near four million people, Monterrey is the third most important city and is a good place to visit if you like the mountains. I grew up in Monterrey and I had a very happy childhood there because there was always something going on, some place to go, or something to do. The kindergarten I attended was next door and I used to go home early because the maid would come and get me saying that my mother had said so, but the truth was that she wanted me to come watch the soap-opera with her. In the summer my family and I used to go to Yucatan (near Cancun) to see my grandparents who live there and we had very good times there.

Unfortunately my father passed away when I was 9 years old and we went through some very hard times, but life went on and things stared to get better for me in Junior High. I wasn't one of the popular girls but I made a lot of good friends and had fun doing new things like at first dancing and make up. By the way I have to thank my older sister Blanca, for leading me to be a fashionable girl and not the geek that I used to be wearing jeans and T-shirts. I also have to mention that after my father's death we started to spend the summer vacations in Galeana, N.L. Mexico, which is a very small town in the mountains and my grandparents on my mother's side live there. Galeana has a very special characteristic, it is so small that in some way or another I'm related to everyone there, the people are warm and the place has many atributes like a small lake, caves and lots of green areas.

By the time I turned 15 I was pretty much the person I'm today and life changed because I discovered "Cosmopolitan" (the magazine - for an explanation click here) so Blanca (who is three years older) started to hang out with me because I wasn't the annoying little sister anymore and we became the best friends in the world. But even so, she had her friends and I had mine. I adopted her style and many times people asked us if we were twins. I really like my sister and she has always been the most intelligent of her class and very popular and has a good sense of humor. She is now an Industrial Engineer and works for a large company in Monterrey, Mexico, we both like the same kind of clothes and music, we share the taste for food and we always stay in a size 4. In some aspects we are very different like in our way to act and talk, and fortunately we don't like the same kind of men.

I went to Secretary school and got my diploma in 1993, those were some of my best days. My cousin Citlalli and I went to the same class and there I met two of my dearest friens, Marina and Yesenia. The school is located in a very strategic place downtown Monterrey and after class we had to walk to take the bus because none of us had a car, but that was one of the reasons it was fun. The school was only for girls and after class we had the rest of the day to spend in the stores looking for fun or go to the Mall to eat. It's funny because that was the only time in my life that I actually liked going to school.

After that I spent time studying English, and I met new friends there that I still see once in while and I really like them. Later they became my sister's friend too so we all would go out and do barbecues or go see a movie.
Finally, one day I met the love of my life; his name is Charlton and after some wonderful times we decided we couldn't be without each other and I came to Austin, Tx. to be with my sweetie :-) We got married later and we are really happy.

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