Short Biography of Lidice Chuc

I should mention that the magazine Cosmopolitan is very different in it's Spanish version that is sold in Mexico. I stopped reading Cosmopolitan when I moved to the U.S.A. because I did not like its feminist and bitchy mentality.

The Cosmopolitan in Spanish has the same beauty and fashion advice and pictures, and it's not only entertaining but also interesting; that is not different from the American Cosmopolitan. The difference is that the Cosmopolitan sold in the hispanic world tells you how to get a man, have a successful relationship and a great sex life, but they go further and give all kind of advice on how to keep your man around. The first time I had an American Cosmopolitan in my hands it had articles like "How to Dump Him in a Nice Way" and "Why Being a Bitch is Not So Bad".

I still look at the beauty and fashion sections but I prefer not even looking at the articles because I am happy being a nice girl.

Here are links to the different Cosmopolitan magazines:

American Cosmopolitan magazine

Spanish Cosmopolitan magazine

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