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This is where you can find some of my other info, work, and misc. goodies.

My Resume
-- Dimitri's Resume
-- Dimitri's Resume (.doc)

My Works
-- My Graduation, 2006 - After 7 long years, I finally graduate with my B.S. in math!
-- Plastics and their Environmental Impacts - a short academic project for a nature class.
-- Their American Dream - written in response to will@epiqwest.com by Tom Grimes. Addresses the problem with the modern "American Dream."
-- Alternative Vehicle Fuels - a great resource for people looking into alternative fuels for their vehicle.
-- Why Write About Nature? - based off of a few interviews with contemporary nature writers.
-- FMI/OS - my work on the FMI Operating System

-- Literary Corner

Networking and Blogs
-- MySpace
-- Tungsten Coil's MySpace
-- Chalk Attack's MySpace
-- FaceBook - can only access if another FaceBook user.
-- LiveJournal - not linked yet

Other Works

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