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My music is my expression. It is my creation. It is for myself. My "genre" spans my different moods. From chill, ambient, new-age influenced piano to feet-movin' dance beats to funky hip hop. You can catch me on the piano, accordian, misc. percussion, singing or beat boxing. There's something for everyone or everything for someone. Look, read, listen, watch. Write me. Ideas or feedback are always welcome.

Message from the Dimitri, 7th of August, 2006:

I know, I know. I'm in the band, so how can I technically have a bootlegged copy? Well, we used a shoddy recorder with some atmosphere mics and recorded one of our rehearsals. Although we have no music officially recorded or posted yet, I got permission to put a copy of this particular recording on my own personal site! Soooo, if you have made it to this little nook of the World Wide Web then you are one of the priveledged few to hear this first ever recording of Time.

Message from the Dimitri, 2nd of June, 2006:
So a couple exciting things tonight:
I'm in a new band!
I am now the official keyboard/synth dude of Tungsten Coil. Check out the site and some of their past music. We're actually going for a new sound now, with new band members. We're actually looking for a BASS player and DRUMMER, so keep an eye out!

I FINALLY added something to the Da Meat site to whet your appetite a little. They're just rough sketches and ideas while I played around with new effects and such. Quality was not what I was going for...just having fun. ;) Hope you enjoy, nonetheless!

Be sure to stay posted!

Message from the Dimitri, 21st of March, 2006:
Guess What!?
I added to the Lefthand BLUE site (my favorites are Shangrila, Running, Manderine, and I Don't Think So; the rest are still pretty decent)

ALSO I added some music to my Dad's site, posting some of my favorites from my growing Robbish collection.

Be sure to stay tuned!

Message from the Dimitri, 18th of March, 2006:
I will warn you all now, since I'm writing my thesis it has drastically cut into my music time.
Therefore, there's not much up here, just yet. Give me a week or so and I'll get some music up on this bad boy, 'aight!?

SO, you should either
Check Back Regularly for updates (I'll post them here) or e-mail me to get put on the mailing list!

Peace and brownies 'till then...

Check it:

Tungsten Coil industrial meets 80s rock meets contemporary alternative & dance. Sound intriguing? Check us out! Here's a sound taste: Time.
Da Meat bringing you live dance, hip-hop, and other beatboxes
Lefthand BLUE live from Champaign, IL, many years ago
Robbish: a taste of genius from the best bass player in the land, Rob Hammond

Drop me a line! I'd love to hear from y'all! Click here to send me some mail!

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