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What was once a modest, blue, 1988 4WD Subaru Wagon,

became the literal drawing board for creativity among those around the country.

In October, 2005, I sanded down, primed, and painted this mighty car and she was suddenly transformed from the Shocking Chicken to the Chalk Attack!
That's right! Chalkboard paint, baby! This car is now the canvas of any transient artist with a piece of chalk in hand.No need for something profound or astonishing, it'll all be gone by the next rain, anyway!
Let's see what she's adorned lately...

Italian Chalk Art Festival, 2005
In November, 2005, I took the mobile chalkboard to the Italian Chalk Art Festival at Central Market in Austin, TX.
Although I was surrounded by chalk artists, they were too tired after having practiced their craft for nearly 8 hours straight. So the only remaining artists ranged from 4 to 13 years of age! And this is what first became of the empty black canvas:

Cross-Country Road Trip, 2005-2006
From December, 2005, until January, 2006, my girlfriend and I went on a 29-day trip visiting 21 states! The mighty subie took us 6,400 miles (until 233,445 on the odometer) and held up very well! Needless to say, we ran into some mighty interesting people, eager to decorate the Chalk Attack!
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Mary J's After-School Class at Pease Elementary, February 2006
After studying and doing activities regarding to art cars, the students of Mary J's after school class were beside themselves with excitement to add their own personal touch to the freshly-cleaned "authentic" black slate!
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Contributions from Terlingua, TX's finest, March 2006
I spent an entire day showing these awesome folks from Terlingua, TX, around the Texas State University campus and surrounding area. Great times were had by all and they returned the favor by decorating the Chalk Attack!
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Art Outside, March 2006
Art Outside: Imagine 200+ artists on numerous mediums, from paint and sculpture to fire and music, set in a forested venue (The Enchanted Forest) with hundreds of other spectators and artists visiting daily. Imagine the Chalk Attack parked out front getting decorated by these patrons of all stature and talent...
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Coffee Pot, San Marcos, TX, April 2006
During the end of the Spring 2006 school year at Texas State University, I retreated to a local coffee shop to work on my papers. The Coffee Pot also turned out to be a hotspot for some chalkers!
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Fall From Grace: Flipside, May, 2006
Austin's regional burning man-type event, Flipside, is a venue for over a thousand artisans and other cool people. I drove the Subie around the event, through the numerous camps and back alleys and collected some fun decorations!
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Going through surgery..., June 2006
The poor Subie needed some TLC. And I finally found a good chunk of time with which to administer it! The month of June brought on an engine rebuild, AC/heater work, new CV axle, etc.
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Chalk Attack: outta date (June, 2006 - June, 2010)
So, the Subie was reassembled but still had some issues. My first rebuild job and I goofed in two places resulting in major oil leaks. The chronicles of the mechanical work and lessons learned will be in the new website I'm putting together. But, needless to say, rough-runnin' Chalkness, moving, engagement, house buying, forming (and breaking up) a band... things happen! But some good people are on my side, now, helping to get the new-and-improved up and running, so be prepared for some actual updates! (and yes, I STILL have pictures from the last 4 years, so not to fear: your art is still captured digitally).

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